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Project: Quietly Torn by Mien Girls
Grantee: Pacific News Service
Grant Years: 1998 and 1999

This project was truly a revolutionary effort; a publication by a segment of the Mien population that have come to America as refugees from post-Vietnam War Southeast Asia. The young women involved in the project (ages 14 to 18) produced art, poetry, fiction, essays, journalism, and photography. With assistance from the Three Guineas Fund in the amount of two grants totaling $21,700 over two years, the Pacific News Service provided support and salary for the young women involved in the publication and distribution of Quietly Torn. The subject matter of the journal encompasses issues of critical importance to girls in this community, including welfare reform, assimilation, cultural conflicts, gang-related violence, and growing up female as a Mien American. The Pacific News Service focuses on youth journalism and publishes a periodical entitled YO! Youth Outlook.

For more information on the Pacific News Service and its publications, please call (415) 438-4755 or write to the following address:

Pacific News Service
660 Market Street, Room 210
San Francisco, CA 94104


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